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ShinSawano, Photographer, Nature Sound Creator, Flower Essence Producer

Tourism Ambassador of South Africa

Born in Tokyo, Japan

1986-1989 Established a photographic section at Tourism Department of the Malawi Government(South East Africa)

2014- Official recognition as Tourism Ambassador between South Africa and Japan from the government of Republic of South Africa

TV programs and interviews featuring works on wild flowers in South Africa.

Works and/or Books are owned by the Harvard University Library, San Francisco State University, University of Pretoria,

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Exmember of the Royal Horticultural Society,UK

Photographs transcend space-time.

They are exits and entryways for energy that connects their subjects with people and with space.

Accordingly, I assume the role of an invisible pipeline in this, capturing and communicating single glittering instants of life,

making a shared theme of the act of imbuing innate love and harmony into the viewing person and the embellished space.

When each person’s unseen heart commands a bird’s-eye view of the creation or destruction of this three-dimensional world,

thoughts turn to contemplation of the true nature of art.

My hope is to continue creating works that evoke the magnificence and courage of giving life to the “now” as one fragment of nature.

Shin-ichiro Sawano

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